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Top 7 Hearing Aid Apps For Android: Hearing Made Easy

Looking for the best hearing aid app for Android? We made a short and reliable list to help you find the right one in 2024. Hop in to read more!

Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener
Top 7 Hearing Aid Apps For Android: Hearing Made Easy

Looking for the best hearing aid app for Android? We made a short and reliable list to help you find the right one. Click here to read all about them!

Did you know your hearing aids can be paired with an app? A hearing aid app can enhance your experience by adding customization and management features to improve the functionality of your device.

A human’s quality of life can experience a significant boost with the right hearing aid option. These devices are already described as essential, but their benefits can be enhanced even further with the help of a great hearing aid app.

And, yes, a lot of hearing aids have been designed to automatically connect to an iPhone, but what should we do with people who prefer Android smartphones?

Well, Android users don’t need to worry about a thing. There are numerous great Android hearing aid apps out there. It’s essential, however, to choose the best one for your needs and preferences.

What Is A Hearing Aid App?

Android phone.
Android phone.

A hearing aid app for Android is a software solution particularly designed to improve the functionality of hearing aids.

These software apps can be installed on a phone or tablet and allow users to control various features of their hearing aids. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Volume
  2. Tone
  3. Noise reduction
  4. Program selection

Some apps also provide additional features such as remote adjustments by a hearing care professional, geotagging for saving preferred settings at specific locations, and the ability to stream music or phone calls directly to the hearing aids.

Hearing aid apps for Android are designed to improve the overall user experience and make it easier for people with hearing loss to adjust their hearing aids to their preferences and environments.

Caption your calls for free

Download Nagish
Nagish app - Caption Your Phone Calls

Different Kinds Of Assistive Listening Apps

Let’s walk you through the essential types of hearing aid apps for Android available out there:

  1. Control apps: These apps allow users to control and adjust their hearing aid settings, such as volume, frequency, and program selection.
  2. Remote adjustment apps: Some apps allow a hearing care professional to remotely adjust the user's hearing aids, providing a personalized and convenient service.
  3. Sound amplification apps: These apps can turn a smartphone into a basic hearing aid by amplifying sounds and reducing background noise.
  4. Tinnitus management apps: These apps offer a range of sound therapy options to help manage tinnitus, such as white noise or soothing nature sounds.
  5. Captioning and transcription apps: These apps can transcribe spoken words into text, making it easier for people with hearing loss to understand conversations.
  6. Connectivity apps: These apps allow hearing aids to connect to other devices, such as phones or TVs, for better audio streaming and communication.

How Hearing Aid Apps Work

Hearing aid device.
Hearing aid device.

The concept behind hearing aid apps is fairly easy to understand. Hearing aid apps work by connecting to a hearing aid device through Bluetooth.

The app enables the user to adjust various settings on their hearing aid device, such as volume, equalizer, speech, enhancement, noise reduction, etc.

The hearing aid device captures sound waves from the environment and processes them into digital signals.

These digital signals are then transmitted to the hearing aid app for Android, which processes the signals according to the user's preferences and sends them back to the hearing aid device. The processed sound is then delivered to the user's ear through a speaker or a receiver.

Some hearing aid apps also use location-based services to automatically adjust the hearing aid settings according to the user's location.

For example, the app may detect the user in a noisy restaurant and adjust the hearing aid settings to reduce background noise and enhance speech intelligibility.

Let’s walk you through the best hearing aid apps for Android available today.

What Is The Best Hearing Aid App For Android?

Android mascot.
Android mascot.

To be fair, there are quite a few decent Android options regarding this matter. To make the entire selection process easier for you, we’ve shortlisted the best of the best hearing aid apps for Android phones.

01. Nagish

The Nagish app helps people with hearing loss communicate over the phone by transcribing the conversation in real-time. The app supports Bluetooth devices, allowing you to place a call with your hearing aid, cochlear implant, or external listening device.

The Nagish app employs advanced artificial intelligence technology that converts text-to-speech and speech-to-text in real time, allowing one party to type and read while the other can hear and speak.

Nagish eliminates the need for human-operated relay and captioning services and ensures complete privacy, as no one else can access your calls. That is the real game-changer in the field!

Nagish's innovative technology makes it easy for users to place and receive calls without relying on their ability to hear or speak. Instead, they can communicate via text and read captions in real time.

Key features include:

  • Saved call transcripts/calls logging
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Transcribed voicemail
  • Adjustable font size 
  • Quick response setting to help you type faster and save time
  • High level of accuracy with personal dictionary
  • Favorite contacts
  • Built-in keypad to use when calling automated lines
  • Built-in spam and profanity filter
  • Supports Bluetooth device
  • Multi-lingual (Supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and more coming soon)
  • Free and 100% private
  • Personalized voices
  • Available both for Android and iOS devices

02. MDHearing

MDHearing is all about affordability in the hearing aid sphere. The business offers devices that are among the most cost-effective on the market while still providing customizable options for customers.

This applies both to personal and remote fitting options for better convenience.

When it comes to the app, it features a user-friendly interface and audiologist-powered assessment capabilities with the goal of ensuring optimal hearing ability.

Key features include:

  • Control your hearing aids from your phone
  • 4 audio settings that can enhance sounds
  • Feedback cancellation to eliminate whistles near other hearing aids
  • Highly-responsive audiologist-trained user support.

Additionally, MDHearing offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 45 days to give users added assurance and confidence in their purchasing decisions.

03. myPhonak

Previously known as Phonak Remote app, myPhonak is the new replacement featuring upgraded control and flexibility for the wide range of Phonak hearing aids available today.

With the use of Bluetooth, users can easily adjust the volume, switch programs, and customize advanced settings directly from their Android smartphone.

Key features include:

  • Helpful demo mode to guide users through the app's features
  • Individual volume control for both ears, streaming music and calls directly to the hearing aids, and directional microphone control.
  • Default and customizable programs to meet users' specific needs.
  • Enhanced Speech Focus, which allows users to customize the noise-cancelling feature for improved speech comprehension. This functionality ensures that users can easily understand others when they speak, even in noisy environments.

04. Oticon ON

The ON app from Oticon belongs to one of the Big Six hearing aid companies and it offers a wide array of features similar to its rivals. But various things make Oticon ON stand out from the rest. 

The app can connect to various smart devices, including washing machines, doorbells, and alarms, and receive notifications that are transmitted directly to your hearing aids. If you consider yourself to be someone who is technologically advanced, forward-thinking and embracing the modern world, then the Oticon ON app is a great option for you.

Key features include:

  • Capability to fully integrate with smart home devices
  • Monitor hearing aid battery level
  • Access programs to help you deal with tinnitus

05. ReSound

The ReSound Smart 3D app is designed specifically for the LiNX Quattro, LiNX 3D, and ENZO 3D hearing aids, but it also benefits older models such as the LiNX and UpSmart.

The app is compatible with a range of phones, including Samsung (from S4 onwards), LG (G3, G5, V20), Huawei (Mate 8 and P9), and Sony Xperia Z3, and can be used on any Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or later device.

Key features include:

  • Finding a lost hearing aid
  • Managing tinnitus
  • Remote assistance from a healthcare professional
  • Geotagging saved settings
  • Adjustable speech focus, noise, and wind-noise levels.

06. Signia touchControl App

What really made this Android hearing aid app so popular is its user-friendly and intuitive design that focuses on simplicity and minimalism.

Signia touchControl App generates high-frequency control signals that enable direct control of Siemens hearing aids, eliminating the need for an intermediary device. 

Key features include:

  • Ability to switch between saved programs
  • Easy volume adjustments
  • Balance audio levels
  • Manage tinnitus
  • Adjust microphone span and direction
  • Check battery status.

To fully access the app's features, it is recommended to have a hearing care professional configure the device, as they have a better understanding of how hearing aids work.

Once the device is configured, the user can adjust various parameters within a range that ensures maximum benefits.

07. Starkey TruLink

Here is another member of the Big Six - Starkey and its TruLink!

Key features include:

  • Location-based sound profiles
  • Bluetooth call support
  • High-quality sound streaming
  • General volume/frequency control.

Additionally, it includes the “Multiflex Tinnitus Technology” program, which provides tinnitus relief.

Moreover, the TruLink app offers a unique feature called “real-time notifications” which reads out incoming notifications straight into the user’s hearing aids, eliminating the need to check the phone for emails or texts.

One of the most impressive features of Starkey’s app is the ability to record, playback, and even email incoming sounds. This feature is particularly useful for recording speeches, songs, or conversations for later use.

Another noteworthy feature is the app’s ability to adapt to the user’s surroundings while riding in a car.


It is evident that there are a few good hearing aid apps available for Android users. You must check your needs and preferences to make the best possible decision.

It's important to note that while these apps can be helpful tools, they should not replace professional consultation or hearing aid fitting.

However, with the help of these apps and the guidance of a healthcare professional, individuals with hearing loss can better manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener

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