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Nagish captions your calls and empowers you to communicate using text or voice. It's fast, private, and free.
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Real-Time Captioning. Powered by AI

Nagish uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert text-to-speech and speech-to-text in real time. Our tech makes it easy to place and receive calls without hearing or speaking. Instead, you can type and read.

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Own Your Calls

Forget about human-operated relay and captioning services. Nagish captions your calls without involving humans, meaning no one else has access to your calls. 

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Key Features

Sound Free

Hear by reading, speak by typing. Don't worry about the other side of the call.

Works on Every Device

Take phone calls on the go or at home from your iOS or Android device.


Nagish supports English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Log Your Calls

Nagish lets your keep you call history while keeping it 100% private.

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Tired of long wait times, lack of privacy, and getting lost in translation? Start owning your calls with Nagish.
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