Caption Your Phone Calls

Nagish captions your calls and empowers you to communicate using text or voice.
It's fast, private, and accurate.

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Real-Time Phone Call Captioning. Powered by A.I

Nagish uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert text-to-speech and speech-to-text in real time. Our tech makes it easy to place and receive calls without hearing or speaking. Instead, you can type and read.

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Own Your Calls.

Forget about human-operated relay services. Nagish does phone call captioning in real-time while keeping calls 100% private. No Interpreters, stenographers, or assistants involved.

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Personalized, just for you.

Nagish is the best phone call captioning app for YOUR needs.

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Breaking Barriers

With Nagish, living with hearing loss is not a barrier. We're committed to building the best phone call captioning app for hearing loss.

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Key Features

Number Linking

Keep your existing phone number. No need to maintain another phone number.

Personal Dictionary

Do you have a unique name? We do too! That's why Nagish has a built in personal dictionary that let's you index words such as names and terms - so we get them right, every, single, time.

Saved Transcripts

Call transcripts are saved locally on your device to keep them 100% private to you. Never worry about forgetting
anything again.

Built-in Spam Filter

No one likes telemarketing calls, robocalls, and spam calls.
We got you covered.

100% Private and Secure

Because Nagish is AI-Powered, your calls are always 100% private and direct. Free of interpreters, stenographers, captioning assistants, and outdated relay services.

Supports Bluetooth Devices

Automatically connect to your hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other external listening devices.

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