Nagish is the most advanced captioning app in the world, transcribing everything around you into text in real-time, faster, and more accurately than ever.

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Number Linking

Nagish lets you keep your existing phone number! Make and receive captioned calls on the same number you use for texting.

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Saved Transcripts

Easily access all your call transcripts, making it simple to review and refer back to past conversations, anytime. Transcripts always stay private and are saved locally on your device.

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Personal Dictionary

AI makes your phone calls accurate. Our personal dictionary makes them even more accurate by letting you index words such as names so that Nagish will always get them right.

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Built-in Spam Filter

No one likes telemarketing calls. That's why Nagish has a built-in spam filter that automatically blocks calls from millions of known telemarketing, scam, and spam numbers. Plus, you can block specific numbers from calling you.

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Supports Bluetooth Device

Your hearing aid, Cochlear Implant, or external listening device will work smoothly with Nagish. Every. Single. Call.

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Transcribed voicemail

Never miss a beat. You can always rely on Nagish's voicemail to transcribe your messages accurately.

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Adjustable Fonts

Have a trouble seeing your captions? No worries - Nagish let's you modify the size of your captions, even during a call.

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Quick Responses

If you're using the keyboard to communicate, you probably find yourself typing a lot. Quick Responses save you time and effort by relaying full sentences for you with a tap of a button.

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Favorite Contacts

Stay away from the noise with our favorite contacts tab that lets you see in once place all the people you care about.

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Full support in calling automated lines and communicating with phone trees

Use Nagish's built in keypad, or as we like to call it "numbers" when you are asked to 'press' or 'enter' a number during a phone call.

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¿Habla español? Japanese? English, French, Italian, or maybe Hebrew? We got it all!

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Personalized Voices

Using the keyboard? It doesn't mean that you have give up your identity. Choose your preferred voice from our voice library.

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Profanity Filter

Keep your calls rated PG with Nagish's built-in language filter.

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