Introducing Nagish Live

Free Real-Time Communication in-person and over the phone

Nagish app on iPhoneNagish app on iPhone

Ad-Free Captioning
that runs locally
on your device.
100% Private and secure.

Nagish app on iPhoneNagish app on iPhone

With quick access and a fully customized experience, Nagish Live transcribes your most important moments.

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Ensuring that individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can access 
live announcements, participate 
in public events, and stay 
informed in every situation.

Completely free and made with 💙 by Nagish.

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Nagish app on iPhone

Key Features

No Limits

Caption anything for free.
There are no time or word limits.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Use an external mic to caption from far away or plug into your hearing aids.

Launch with one tap

Nagish Live is always ready for action. Start captioning with a single tap.

100% Private and Secure

Transcribe online or offline.
The choice is yours.

Fully customizable

Flip the view, change the font type and size, and use dark mode or light mode.

Saved Transcripts

Transcripts are saved locally to your device. Never worry about forgetting.

should be free.

Nagish Live is not reimbursable by the FCC.
We provide it as a free service for our community ❤️