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The 10 Best Text To Speech Apps For Android

We’ve rounded up the best text-to-speech apps for Android to help you choose the ideal solution for your needs. Click here to read all about them!

Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener
The 10 Best Text To Speech Apps For Android
Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener

Copywriter based in Miami, FL. Leads copywriting workshops and mentors women entrepreneurs at the Idea Center of Miami Dade College.

What is TTS technology?

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology, sometimes called “read-aloud” technology, has revolutionized how we interact with written content. 

Text-to-speech (TTS) apps use AI to convert text into spoken words using a computer-generated voice, which in most cases can be sped up or slowed down, becoming tools with a wide range of applications available to adults, business professionals, children, and students.

What are the benefits of TTS technology?

With TTS, we can now access and consume written information in new and innovative ways, enhancing learning, entertainment, and overall digital experience.

Text-to-speech apps can be used to:

  • Make accessible phone calls
  • Read written text aloud
  • Assist people with dyslexia
  • Consume audio content while multitasking

For instance, TTS technology has expanded how we listen to textbooks, articles, and study materials instead of solely relying on traditional reading methods, assisting those with learning disabilities or visual impairments, making educational content more inclusive and ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Even social media platforms now integrate read-aloud features, allowing users to listen to posts, comments, and articles. 

This feature enhances multitasking capabilities, enabling people to engage with written content while exercising, commuting, or simply scrolling through their feeds.

How can TTS technology help deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals?

A smiling woman having a phone call on a street.
A smiling woman having a phone call on a street.

There’s an additional group of people who also benefit from this technology. 

Text-to-speech (TTS) apps ensure that deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals can fully engage in various social, educational, and professional settings. 

For example, during an in-person work meeting, a deaf person can type a message to a colleague. 

The TTS app converts written words into spoken language as the colleague listens to the message in real-time and types back a response, initiating a seamless conversation. 

As the meeting progresses, thoughts, ideas, and questions are effortlessly interchanged. 

And it gets better, similarly, if a deaf or hard of hearing person needs to make a phone call, they can use a smartphone equipped with a text-to-speech (TTS) app and type a message using the app while on the other end, the text-to-speech app converts the typed text into spoken words.

Apps that integrate text-to-speech technology into their capabilities, like Nagish, facilitate back-and-forth phone conversations for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals with the hearing population, and it’s already making great strides in promoting inclusivity and enhancing accessibility.

Through the best text-to-speech apps for Android, phone conversations become inclusive, providing equal access and fostering better communication and understanding. 

As an Android user, you can take advantage of many text-to-speech apps in the Google Play store! But which are the best text-to-speech apps for Android? Keep reading to find out.

Caption your calls for free

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8 Best Text To Speech Apps For Android

01. Nagish

Nagish is a free app that captions phone calls using AI, converting text-to-speech and speech-to-text in real-time while remaining 100% private. 

When you use Nagish for a phone call, the other side of the call hears a natural-sounding voice, and whatever they say is shown as text on your screen. One of the greatest benefits is that the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t need the app installed!

This bridges the gap between the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and hearing people, even within families,

The app continues to release new features like saving call transcripts while keeping them 100% private.

Plus, the people behind this life-enhancing communication tool are a driven and like-minded team of hearing and deaf professionals working towards a shared mission of accessibility and inclusivity.

Pros Cons
It’s Free! Currently only available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
100% private - no interpreter needed! Requires registration
Works fast to keep the conversation going.
Lets you access, save, and share your call transcripts
Lets you log your call history
Supports English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Hebrew
Real-time and reliable.
The person on the other end of the line doesn’t need the app installed.
Developed and run by a purpose-driven team of diverse and talented individuals with the mission of making the world more accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.
Easy-to-use interface
Available for iOS and Android devices

02. Speechify

Speechify is a text-to-speech app for Android that allows you to listen to written content wherever you go, from Google Docs to emails, in a wide selection of voices and reading speeds. You can also create your own audiobook or snap a picture of a page in any book and hear it read aloud.

Pros Cons
Available for iOS and Android The premium plans cost between $139 and $199/year.
Allows you to select voice and speed The free version has limited features.
Users can play or pause the document and see how long it will take to read it. Loading speed has been reported as slow.
Supports 20+ languages and accents
Highlights the sentence and word as it reads to make it easy for users to follow along as they listen.

03. Android’s Native Text-To-Speech Feature

This built-in feature in Android is a simple text-to-speech app with basic features that converts text to speech. Ideal for those seeking a basic feature integration into their Android phone. To enable, go to Settings > Accessibility.

Pros Cons
Automatically works with other Google apps. The app collects data.
Users can adjust the speed rate and pitch. Limited features.
Supports various languages

04. Pocket

Pocket is a text-to-speech app for Android mainly used to read articles aloud. You can save your favorite content with a premium membership fee and get curated recommendations.

Pros Cons
Available for iOS and Android. Limited features, mostly for listening to written articles.
Ability to control playback The free version has limited features and ads. Annual membership is $44.99/year or $4.99/month.
Supports various languages and voices
Listen while offline and archive articles.

05. TalkFree

TalkFree is a user-friendly text-to-speech app for Android designed with simplicity in mind. The app consists of a blank page where you can paste the content you’d like to hear, and it even has a “speak” button to easily convert text into speech.

Pros Cons
You can choose English, German, Spanish, or other accents. No pause button once the text is being read out loud.
Ability to adjust font size.
Simple and easy-to-use interface.

06. Narrators Voice

Narrators Voice is a popular text-to-speech app for Android that supports various languages in different voices. YouTubers love this one since it can add voiceovers to videos with cool sound effects or even send funny audios to friends.

Pros Cons
Multiple languages and voices, including fun sound effects. The free version has limited features plus ads.
Ability to save your audio into an MP3 file. The app collects data.
Great for voiceovers (YouTube, TikTok)

07. TS2

TS2 is a text-to-speech app for Android with many features, including a built-in web browser, allowing you to conveniently listen to content without copying and pasting URLs or using the Share menu.

Pros Cons
Easily copy and paste content to read aloud. The free version has limited features plus ads.
Ability to save and share your audio files.
Highlights words as they are read aloud.

08. Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader is a text-to-speech app for Android that reads text from websites, emails, social media, PDF files, WhatsApp chats and more aloud.

Pros Cons
Supports various formats, even text from WhatsApp chats. The app collects data.
Ability to save and share your reading list. The free version has limited features.
Highlights words as they are read aloud. The subscription fee of $135/year
Supports various languages, types of voice, and reading speeds.

09. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is a premium text-to-speech app for Android that reads text from various sources, including websites, emails, and PDF files, with features like saving and sharing lists.

Pros Cons
Supports various formats, including text, PDF, and more. Premium app with a one-time purchase cost.
Customizable voices, reading speed, and highlighting options.
Integrated with various cloud services for easy access to documents.
Highlights words as they are read aloud.
Suitable for reading books, articles, and other documents.

10. Google Play Books

Google Play Books, with built-in text-to-speech functionality, offers access to an extensive library of books with customizable reading speed and voice, syncing seamlessly across devices.

Pros Cons
Built-in text-to-speech functionality. Limited to reading books available in the Google Play Books library.
Access to a vast library of books. Features may vary based on region and book availability.
Customizable reading speed and voice.
Syncs across devices for a seamless reading experience.

TTS technology can be applied differently, and each app offers a set of strengths. When choosing the best text-to-speech app for Android, several variables need to be considered, from personal needs, cost, features and capabilities. We also have a list of hearing aid apps for Android. Check it out!

We recommend you review this list to help you determine the best text-to-speech app for Android to suit your needs. Regarding facilitating accessible phone calls, Nagish stands out as the sole option on this list that specifically harnesses this technology for that purpose.

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