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7 Best Headphones for Deaf People

Check out our amazing list of 7 best headphones for deaf people to help you pick the right ones. Click here to see them all!

Colton Jannusch
Colton Jannusch
7 Best Headphones for Deaf People

Sometimes we get asked, “Do deaf people listen to music?” The answer to that question is a resounding YES. Music is not only a universal language but also a powerful form of expression and emotion for everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities. In fact, the deaf community enjoys music through various means, and one of the most significant advancements in this area has been the development of headphones specifically designed to cater to their unique needs. 

In this blog article, we present the top 7 headphones that are revolutionizing the way deaf individuals experience and connect with music, along with audio, ensuring that the joy of sound knows no bounds. We’re here to ensure both music and audio remain accessible to everyone!

Importance of Headphones for Deaf Individuals 

The importance of headphones for deaf individuals cannot be overstated, as they play a transformative role in facilitating an inclusive and enriching world of sound. While some might question whether deaf individuals listen to music, again the resounding answer is yes, and headphones have become a crucial tool in making this possible. These innovative devices empower the deaf community to experience audio in a personalized and immersive way:

  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Television
  • Online meetings

With features like sound amplification, noise-canceling capabilities, and customizable settings, headphones cater to the unique hearing needs of each individual. 

Additionally, advancements in bone conduction technology and compatibility with hearing aids further enhance the auditory experience, allowing deaf users to stay connected with the world of sound and partake in the universal language of music and audio expression.

By embracing these specialized headphones, deaf individuals can unlock a world where previously muffled or distorted sounds become crystal clear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Headphones for Deaf Users 

When selecting headphones for deaf users, several crucial factors come into play to ensure a seamless and fulfilling audio experience. 

  • Sound amplification is paramount, as it enables individuals to enhance the volume according to their unique hearing needs.
  • Effective noise-canceling capabilities are essential, as they allow users to focus solely on the desired audio without distractions from surrounding sounds. This can be beneficial in office settings where unwanted background noise gets filtered out.
  • Comfort and fit play a significant role in prolonged usage, ensuring that the headphones remain enjoyable for extended periods. 
  • Compatibility with hearing aids or cochlear implants is vital to provide an integrated and personalized listening experience. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity offers greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

By considering these factors, deaf individuals can confidently choose headphones that cater to their specific needs, ultimately embracing a world of audio that resonates with their preferences and enhancing their overall listening journey.

We do have to mention here that not all headphones are the same nor are they suitable for people with hearing loss- mainly because most aren’t designed for compatibility alongside hearing aids.

Three Types of Headphones to Consider

Hearing loss is different for everyone, and your choices of headphones will also vary based on your condition. 

  • In-ear earbuds go into your ear canals, meaning they aren’t compatible with any hearing aids. But, they can be great if you’re only looking for PSAPs (personal sound amplification products that amplify sound around you and directly feed them into your ears).
  • Bone conduction headphones sit just behind your ears, so they work perfectly with most hearing aids. And, since the sound travels by bone conduction instead of air, they won’t trigger feedback when worn together with your hearing aid, unlike other types of headphones.
  • Over-ear headphones can work with in-the-ear (ITE) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids. This is due to featuring a large cup size with noise cancellation properties. However, they may interfere with receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) models, depending on how spacious the ear cups are.

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Top 7 Headphones for Deaf People: A Comprehensive Review

AfterShokz Trekz or OpenMove/OpenRun Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Trekz or OpenMove
AfterShokz Trekz or OpenMove

Bone conduction headphones may be a great option if you wear hearing aids in your ear or in the ear canal. This type of headphone will not interfere with normal hearing aids because they are worn against your cheekbones. You don’t have to choose between listening to your music or keeping your hearing aid on.

  • Bluetooth connectivity to link with smartphones and tablets
  • Multifunction button to play, skip, stop, answer calls, and activate voice assistant
  • Designed to last between 6-10 hours at a time, depending on which model you get.
  • Repels sweat, dust, and moisture
  • Price: $99

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless 

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless
Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless

These over-the-ear wireless headphones are top of the line and should last for years. They are great for those who wear hearing aids in-the-ear, in the canal or behind-the-ear. The ear pads are wide and very padded.

  • MIY Beyerdynamic app with a 2-minute hearing test
  • Circumaural headphones with optimum sound quality
  • 30+ hours battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity to link with smartphones and tablets
  • Price: $548

Nuraphone Headphones 

Nuraphone Headphones
Nuraphone Headphones

This one is best for people with unbalanced hearing and can be worn over-ear and in-ear at the same time providing double noise isolation. Nuraphone claims to be the world’s smartest headphones. When paired with the free Nura app, the headphones can automatically create a hearing profile that’s tailored to your hearing loss. 

  • Automatic personalized tuning with a hearing profile
  • Active noise cancellation with Social Mode and Immersion Mode
  • Max volume of up to 120 dB with a battery life of 20 hours
  • Wire or Bluetooth connectivity to link with smartphones and tablets
  • Price: $199

Sony WH-1000XM5 

Sony WH-1000XM5 
Sony WH-1000XM5 

This device is the best fit for those who have In-Ear hearing aids as those are worn over-ear. The headphones come with roomy ear cups with plushy padding to minimize pressure on your ears. This device also can help reduce ambient noise that may interfere with your audio.

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparency Mode and Conversation Mode
  • Links with the Sony Headphones Connect app
  • Customize hearing modes, toggle wearing detection, switches to audio when you stop speaking
  • Price: $328

Sound World Solutions CS50+  

Man wearing Sound World Solutions CS50+
Man wearing Sound World Solutions CS50+

This device is designed with hearing loss in mind. With the CS Customizer app, you can control which frequencies to enhance or choose from the three preset modes, depending on your preference.

  • Everyday mode, restaurant mode, entertainment mode
  • Custom presets for volume control settings on both earbuds or 1 side which is beneficial for those who have only one bad ear
  • Bluetooth connectivity to link with smartphones and tablets
  • 15 hours battery life, great for a full day
  • Price: $179

Relaxmm Hearing Aids

Relaxmm Hearing Aids
Relaxmm Hearing Aids

This device comes with 16 channels that reduces ambient noise while amplifying the audio, making the sound you hear more clearer and more natural. Even though this is technically not a headphone, this device is great because it comes with four common use scenario modes, enabling you to get a more real life hearing experience. It is applicable to most people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • Four amplification modes: normal, outdoor, TV, and conversation
  • Max volume of up to 112 dB, loud enough to help with most cases of mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Active noise reduction to suppress ambient surrounding sounds
  • Bluetooth connectivity to link with smartphones and tablets
  • Price: $89

XDU Pathfinder

XDU Pathfinder
XDU Pathfinder

This device is great for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in one ear. This single earpiece will work great as it automatically converts all audio to one channel. You can wear this in either ear.

  • Stereo-to-Mono conversion
  • Can be worn in either ear 
  • Different size options for increased comfort and security
  • 42 inches long cord for sitting at a distance
  • Price: $24

Comparison Chart

Headphone Model Sound Amplification Noise-Canceling Compatibility with Hearing Aids Battery Life Price
AfterShokz Trekz or OpenMove Yes Yes Bone conduction technology 6-10 hours $99
Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Yes Yes In-the-ear, in-the-canal, BTE 30+ hours $548
Nuraphone Headphones Yes Active Over-ear and in-ear simultaneously 20 hours $199
Sony WH-1000XM5 Yes Yes In-Ear Not specified $328
Sound World Solutions CS50+ Yes Yes Customizable presets 15 hours $179
Relaxmm Hearing Aids Yes Active reduction Not applicable Not applicable $89
XDU Pathfinder Mono conversion Not specified Can be worn in either ear Not specified $24


Embrace the joy of immersive sound and seamless communication with these top 7 headphones for deaf people, each thoughtfully chosen to cater to the unique needs of deaf individuals. 

Remember that individual preferences and hearing needs may vary, so it's essential for deaf individuals to try out different headphones to find the perfect fit for their specific requirements. Consult with your local audiologist as needed. 

Colton Jannusch
Colton Jannusch

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