How to Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life: Tips and Tricks

Discover practical tips and tricks to extend your hearing aid battery life. Learn how to get the most out of your device here!

Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener
How to Improve Hearing Aid Battery  Life: Tips and Tricks

Whether you have an older hearing aid with a worn-down battery, a disposable version, or a newer one that isn't lasting as long as you'd hoped, there are many ways to improve hearing aid battery life.

Rechargeable batteries vs disposable batteries

Before diving into improving hearing aid battery life, it is important to note the difference between rechargeable and disposable batteries.

Disposable batteries were the only option for hearing aids until rechargeable batteries hit the market in 2016. Today, the majority of hearing aids are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

This marked a huge leap in technological advancements for hearing aids. Like our regular laptops, smartphones, and tablets, rechargeable batteries signified an added convenience feature for hearing aids. No more buying, storing, and replacing disposable batteries.

Although most hearing aids with Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have a battery life of about 12-50 hours after a single charge, you may wonder why yours don't last as long. The good news is that there are many things you can do!

Follow along for a look at tips and tricks to extend your hearing aid’s battery life.

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Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Hearing Aid’s Battery Life

Turn off Bluetooth streaming when not in use

We all love Bluetooth and with good reason! Bluetooth connectivity is a wonderful feature for hearing aids. It lets you wirelessly connect your hearing aid to devices like TVs, smartphones, and Telecoils, integrating your hearing aid device into everyday life seamlessly. 

However, this convenient feature also consumes a lot of battery. So, if you're not actively using this feature, consider turning it off to reduce battery drain.

CROS transmitter

If you use a CROS transmitter device, which benefits single-sided deaf individuals, the microphone input from one side is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing aid on the side with better hearing. These devices use near-field magnetic induction or Bluetooth streaming to deliver sound wirelessly, which drains the battery.

Consider reducing streaming time if possible and turning off the CROS transmitter when it’s unnecessary. Also, check if the device includes a power-saving mode to optimize battery life.

Excessive use of features

One of hearing aids' greatest advantages can also be one of its greatest disadvantages. We're talking about innovative features like noise reduction and feedback cancellation. These features are great, but when used constantly, they can drain the battery life of your hearing aids tremendously. To maximize your battery duration, it's advisable to only use these features periodically.

Proper maintenance

Battery life is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged, while battery lifespan is the amount of time your battery lasts before it needs to be replaced. 

Maximizing battery lifespan is also a good way to improve battery efficiency in the long run. This involves proper cleaning and maintenance, keeping the hearing aids away from extreme temperatures and performing regular updates. 

Use Flight Mode

Turn on the hearing device's flight mode whenever you don’t need wireless features. This can help conserve battery power.

Check expiration date

Hearing aid batteries should be replaced on time to guarantee their full potential. Check the “use by” date or expiration date to make sure that’s not the cause of their poor performance. 

Remove the batteries

If you’re not using the device, consider letting the batteries breathe in a cool dry place. 

There you have it! Follow these easy tips to extend the battery life of your hearing aid and reap all the benefits.

Nicole Brener
Nicole Brener

Copywriter based in Miami, FL. Leads copywriting workshops and mentors women entrepreneurs at the Idea Center of Miami Dade College.

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